Definigen: 中国でのUKTI-trade missionに参加します

Biospire to attend "BioPharma Trade Mission to China" organised by UKTI to support Definigen.


Shanghai and Beijing, 24th - 28th November 2014

UKTI East of England in partnership with the China-Britain Business 
Council is inviting UK organisations to join a trade mission to the 
country with the second largest economy in the world and the third 
largest pharmaceutical market.
Market Facts:
 Average growth at just under 10 per cent a year for 32 years. 
 Since the “reform and opening up” policy was introduced in 1978, China has changed beyond recognition.
 Major healthcare reforms have been announced and China is now planning to improve the training of its medical staff, update hospitals throughout China and spend more on pharmaceutical drug development.
 Healthcare spending - including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, distribution, hospital, pharmacies and insurance -currently accounts for less than six percent of GDP, but the figure is expected to increase to almost 10 percent within 4 years.
 China is investing heavily in research and development.
 The incidence of a number of conditions is growing in China -they include cancer (specifically lung cancer), diabetes and obesity. BioPharma Trade Mission to China Shanghai and Beijing, 24th - 28th November 2014
What is on offer?
 A pre-visit workshop
 In each location there will be an in market briefing from local business experts plus an Embassy evening reception to which you can invite guests. 
 There will be introductions to the major Western pharmaceutical companies and Chinese pharmaceutical companies.
 Introductions to agents and distributors that supply the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector - including universities.
 Relevant officials from Chinese government departments will be invited to attend the meeting programme.
 A mission brochure translated into Mandarin with a précis of each company.
 Visit to a country with potential to become a substantial export market with like-minded companies and support from UKTI & CBBC staff, both locally and overseas.
This mission gives you the opportunity to explore one of the fastest growing economies in the world and be introduced to partners to find out more about the following:
 Pharmaceutical companies
 The life sciences and healthcare landscape in China 
 Drug discovery in China 
 Distributors and agents in China
 Investment

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